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28-02-09, 19:24
Can anyone give me any information regarding a significant past event reading from an ECG test.

I have been under alot of stress for a long time now and started with heart fluttering/palpataions only at night waking me up.As i was also experiencing hot flushes thought it could be the menopause.Went to GP and he arranged an ECG.The ecg shows a past event plus echo and i am to have an echocardiogram in 3 days.This should tell me what the past event was but wondered if anyone had been told this who could give me some idea what it could be other than a heart attack as im very worried.Im 48 years old.

08-08-09, 12:24
Hi dont worry seems its common read my thread (abnormal ecg) had echo and it was fine let me know how you get on Sandie

24-08-09, 22:53
The exact same thing happened to my husband, only to find that nothing was wrong....and the cardiologist was SURE that something was wrong! They even kept him at the hospital for 3 days just to be sure, but everything was fine! When he first got there, they told him that he had a "cardiac event" according to his EKG, but further testing revealed that the EKG was wrong! EKG's are not all too reliable. I've had a false reading too.