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angel 2
01-03-09, 16:39
Is a CAT scan different to MRI scan I freaked out when I saw the MRI machine It was very claustrophobic! and they wanted to put my head in a cage to keep it still. Oh NO...........(haven't had that done yet)

01-03-09, 16:47
I think this is the same as a CT scan isn't it?

If so then it isn't claustrophobic. The tube you lay in is very narrow so you don't feel shut in.

They move the bed in and out to do the scan.

You have to drink some yucky stuff a few hours before (two lots) and maybe have an injection of dye on the day as well. This is done after inserting a cannula.

01-03-09, 18:12
I have had both and I have to say - although I was petrified of the MRI, it wasn't as bad as I thought and I preferred that to the CT (CAT) scan.
The CT scan - you lay on a bed and it moved through a doughnut shaped hole and the bed moved back and forth. The MRI was in a tube and I had a head cage on but it wasn't too bad and my legs were sticking out the end so it didn't feel that much different to the CT scan really.
The CT scan is best for bone and the MRI soft tissue and nerves.

01-03-09, 23:09
I had an MRI done for my knee. At worst it was very loud and the room was cold. I don't know how i would feel if i went head first. I was also meant to have a head scan but i'm too scared of being trapped, although you're not trapped because at any time you can hit the button and they'll stop it :)


13-03-09, 16:05
in January i went for MRI scan on my head BUT i freaked and could not have it done:weep: my panic has been very frequent ever since.
Now this morning i saw the consultant who insists i must have the scan:ohmy: they say it is an open scanner - the only way i can describe it is that i felt like a book in a shelf (slotted into a gap):blush:
Now i have to try again and i am so worried - I have been told that it is so noisy i have to wear ear plugs!!!!
The consultant said "it is fine you can take some music to listen to""""
I rang the unit and they said it is far to noisy it would be a waste of time.
Who can you trust???????:blush:
Anyone who has had this done i would be glad of any info you can give.
Thank you

angel 2
14-03-09, 08:58
Hi June
That's why I wouldn't go in. If the hole had been bigger I probably would have felt better. Apparently some hospitals do have bigger machines and they can put you to sleep aswell if you want.I am awaiting either a cat scan or MRI don't know how I'm going to react this time.I keep trying to tell myself it doesn't hurt it's just claustrophobic! Good Luck angel

14-03-09, 10:21
Thanks angel - i want to write more BUT I am worried i might generate more fears for others in our position.
I want to stay Positive:weep:
Best wishes

""The fears i might generate"" by this i meant fears from my own imagination - i do not know any info on scanning machines

14-03-09, 19:17
Hi Angel2

There is an upright scanner in London. You stand and it turns around your body.

It is private but they have had NHS referrals. You could see if your doctor would refer you there.

I remember seeing it in a newspaper a while back and I googled it as I know that I would not be able to lie in the ordinary scanners.

Google Upright scanner and it will come up.


angel 2
15-03-09, 08:04
http://www.uprightmri.co.uk/ Found it Sheena wow! that looks better. I'm seeing the Neurologist in April I will tell them but I'm sure they'll know (just want to keep it quiet probably) it says also on that web site they are opening one in Leeds which is not far from me.
Thanks that's hopeful hope June's reading this!

15-03-09, 12:29
Apart from the fear of having the MRI scan of my head, is the annoying mis- information that is thrown at you. when you are in the consulting room you are already in a fearful state.
I was told Jan 2008 that i had "sudden onset virtigo" given Betahistine to take and (so far Thank God) have been OK.

Since that appointment i have attended follow up app every 3 months. .... In Jan 2009 I was sent for an MRI scan and a refferral to a 'balance unit' Why??? "We need to check.." (have not heard from them yet).
I duly turned up for the MRI open scanner. I lay down etc and was moved into the machine which felt as if it was touching my nose.....That was it I was taken out of the machine and told i should ask the Doc for sedation:ohmy: :ohmy: next time i came:ohmy: SORRY but to me this was as bad.
This time at the follow up app they told me i have Menieres disease:ohmy: and would need to take more medication - "Why would i need more medication when i am doing OK on what i am taking?" He ask who told me to take the medication ( i explained) "there is a problem with your hearing" Yes i have known that for 40 yrs" - he went out to speak to the consultant who then told me i need the MRI in case i have a brain tumour - probably not but they want to check!!!!! i said i panicked the last time he said "no problem take your music in with you and relax (i checked at the hospital one scanner is too noisy = no music the other is the tunnel type still no music allowed"".
NOW (sorry for the moan) i read up on the info given by angel and sheena and find that i could have had someone to sit in with me!!!!!!!!!
Oh to have someone hold my hand - the human touch
Saying that i do not know who would want to come in with me:blush:
Now my IBS is real bad and my axiety is through the roof.:weep:
Love and best wishes

angel 2
15-03-09, 15:28
Hi wish I could get sorted out.I'll meet myself coming back with all my different appointments at Hospital and Doctors.I'm fed up with being dizzy as if I'm being pulled by a piece of string and fuzzy eyesight.My right eyeball is slightly swollen and nobody has picked up on it. Headaches, nausea and terrible anxiety you begin to fear the worst.Been to Pscychiatrist, Opthalmic consultant, Gynaecology next week (perimenopausal) Dental because I have toothache and white patches on my tongue. Awaiting Pyscholology CBT and as I've said before Neurologist April. Anyone would think Hypercondriac but I've not suggested any of these. I suppose they are doing their job, but how many things do you have to go thro' before the answer is revealed. I'm fed up and want to be normal again. Well that's my moan over I guess,sorry. Hope you all get sorted and best wishes angel:noangel: