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23-07-05, 11:03
Just had to share this, been on Losec now for four weeks for extreme stomach pain and discomfort brought on by a acidy tummy during three months of anxiety.

Last week although most of my discomfort had cleared (throat and chest pains, etc) I developed an extremely painful localised area just under my left breast behind my ribs. The pain was gnawing, radiated from the front through to my back and between my shoulders. It even hurt when I swallowed saliva.

Thursday night gave in and went to the doctors and have had a full set of bloods taken, results back on Monday as the docs now think I may have H Pylori (ulcer or servere gastritis). So yesterday I happened upon an article about Aloe Vera Julice and picked up a bottle not expecting any thing great. Took one tablespoon in water last night before supper (my worst time - agony) and almost immediately after eating felt a hugu difference. Took another tablespoon before bed and one again this morning before breakfast - the miracle - I AM TUMYY PAIN FREE!!!!!!!

Not reduced, not soothed just can't even feel it. Normally by 11am I am gagging for my Losec but this morning I have not had one gnawing sensation at all.

So if anyone is suffering tummy discomfort, heartburn, gerd, reflus etc I 100% recommend trying Aloe, it may not work for all I appreciate that but boy what a difference I feel today.

I got mine in Holland & Barrett - pure Aloe Vera juice and it cost 5.50.

Love to know if anybodyelse has tried it?

23-07-05, 11:16
never tried it me self,but seems to be lots of stuff on the internet about it,all postive

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23-07-05, 11:20
Thanks for the tip :D

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23-07-05, 11:23
Hi Angie

I will remember that - I always keep aloe vera gel (got from health food shop) in especially in the sumer its fantastic on sunburn I'm always raving about it to my friends.

Wish I'd thought of taking it this time last year when I had my tummy probs it might have save me having a gastroscopy lol.

Love Piglet

23-07-05, 13:47
i presume its all natural and ok to take with meds ???

Love & Hugs from Sarah-Jane xxxx

23-07-05, 15:54
Sounds great cos I get a lot of stomach issues. Never thought that Aloe Vera would help those.

Thanks for that Angie.

How is the not drinking going by the way?


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23-07-05, 16:29
Hi Nic

Four glasses of wine in four week!!!!

23-07-05, 16:43
ive just got some from holland and barratt

Love & Hugs from Sarah-Jane xxxx

23-07-05, 18:01
Sarah-Jane, you wont regret it, the relief I felt was almost instant and today again my tummy feels fab - such a relief after feeling every swallow.

Let me know what you think.

Take care.


23-07-05, 18:05
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Four glasses of wine in four week!!!!

<div align="right">Originally posted by angieb - 23 July 2005 : 16:29:45</div id="right">
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Wow - a big well done on that as well! :D


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23-07-05, 18:12
hi everyone,
in her book 'you are what you eat', here is what dr gillian mckeith says about aloe vera:

"I use aloe vera for digestive disorders, bloating, gas and flatulence. Take approximately 1 tablespoon daily or follow directions on bottle. Mix with apple or other furit juice for a more pleasant taste."

just thought i would share that with you all!
henri x

ps this book is fantastic - there is a section of what foods help to keep stress at bay, what combination of vitamins you can take to combat stress and lots of other useful information regarding nutrition.

23-07-05, 20:40

I have both her books and watch the programme.

Dont the people all look so well afterwards, think thats the telling bit for me.

Love Pigletx

24-07-05, 01:16
Hi Angie, thanks, just shows how ignorant I am I thought it was to use on your hair, thanks, im going to look for some, love Alexis,xx

24-07-05, 09:24
Aloe Vera is great for most things. You have to make sure that it is 100%. The stuff out of holland and Barrant is good though.
The best I've found is through forever living products, I think they have a website. Will find it and post it.
You can either be a distributer of the stuff or just order it.
It settled the other halfs stomach problem....might get it again thinking about it!

with good wishes


24-07-05, 10:23
I just wish I had found this two months ago!!!! Still pain free this morning. What a difference.

The stuff I have from Holland and Barrett is 100% pure aloe vera juice, they do some others called digestive aloe etc but they all had other ingredients - I opted just for the straight Aloe - so happy that I did :D

Love to hear if anybody else has used it for digestive issues?

24-07-05, 11:16

Thats were I first found out about aloe vera gel (6 years ago) for topical use at a Forever Living party . I bought some but as I don't always see theirs around I get the Aloe Pura range from the health food shop now.

I've never tried the liquid form but will certainly remember it if I get another bout of tummy stuff.

Is it good for anything else does anyone know, apart from us already mentioning the gel for skin things like sunburn and the liquid for soothing the tum.

Love Piglet

24-07-05, 23:22
Piglet...it good for many uses..too many to mention. i will look up the website address and let all know

with good wishes


24-07-05, 23:27
Right the web address for the site is:


they have all info on there.

with good wishes


25-07-05, 11:54
Hi Zena

Thanks for the link - I'm off there now!

Love Piglet

25-07-05, 18:06
Went to the docs today and told her about using Aloe since Friday and the fantastic results achieved - she had NEVER heard of anyone using Aloe Vera internally and like me was gobsmacked at the result.

I had a roast dinner with a couple of glasses of wine yesterday - still no pain!!!!

Anybody else tried it yet?

25-07-05, 18:13
hi angie,
i bought some in capsule form, for my mother who suffers from digestive problems.
i'll let you know if it works!
henri x

26-07-05, 01:19
Thanks for that I will try it.

Love Sal xx

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21-05-09, 16:47
Ive been to Holland and Barrett today and bought a HUGE bottle of Extra Strength Aloe Vera Juice with cranberry. It says one tablespoon 3 times a day and doesnt taste that bad with the cranberry. I'll give it a few weeks and see if it helps :)

22-05-09, 09:04
I think I will try some, I've heard lots of good reports about it :D

Captain America
22-05-09, 22:49
i saw this yesterday and asked my dr.s nurse about it today so i thought i'd share with you what she told me.

she said it's okay to take but it's also a laxative, so if you're on any meds that say don't take with laxitives, or if you have a condition where you're not supposed to take them, then it's bad for you. she also said like laxatives not to take for an extended period of time.

apparently there's some aloe out there where they have removed the part that has the laxative effect but keeps the stomach soothing part. if anyone's heard of that, apparently i can try some.

let me know if have? i suffer from gerd but i also have diverticuli so she's told me to not take it without talking to my gastro. but i think if i find the other stuff i can take that.

Captain America
22-05-09, 22:50
wow. that was the worst grammar i've used yet on this site. sorry...hopefully that made sense!

23-05-09, 13:41
Don't worry about the grammar mate
Any help is good :D