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23-07-05, 11:19
hi there everyone!
can anyone please tell me if there is anything other than vitamin b complex that can be taken to help with anxiety that can also be taken with medication?
Somebody did put a post or message on here not too long ago but unfortunately i cant find it at the moment so would be grateful for any ideas. i must say the vitamin b complex seems to be working a treat or maybe thats just me telling myself that it will work a treat if you know what i mean! ha ha
mel xx


23-07-05, 11:25
Omega 3 also are reported to have a good effect on depression and anxiety as well as ADHD etc


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23-07-05, 11:31
thanks think i will give it a go as vit b really seems to help![^]
mel xx


23-07-05, 18:15
hi melanie,
in conjunction with vitamins, i find that drinking herbal tea really helps combat anxiety, in particular:


henri x

25-07-05, 12:21
Hi Melanie, Have to agree with the Vit B complex and agree with Henri especially the camomile.

with good wishes


26-07-05, 00:36
hi, are there any fruits that contain Vitiman B, any recommendations?


26-07-05, 01:17
Hi i take Vit B like you and was recommended by my doctor Oil of Evening Primrose and Zinc tablets. I have researched that information and found that it can help.

Love Sal xx

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26-07-05, 18:54
hi mel

just got a book called "optimum nutrition for the mind" by patrick holford - 10 from amazon - it goes into lots of detail on nutrition for mental health both optimising it if you are healthy or as treatment if you have problems (including serious mental health problems). The basic recommendations are the obvious (and some not so obvious) healthy eating but as treatment he recommends some suplements as well

1 vitamin b complex at least 25mg
2 calcium magnesuim, manganese and zinc
3 omega 3 oils (high dose - i take up to 2g) and omega 6 oils
4 various amino acids for neurotransmiter production
5 lecithin granules for phosholipids - important in neurone membranes

only trying the first three so far but intend to try everything as all are without side effects apart from the cost

I am a physiotherapist and i must push exercise and for me that has meant starting from very run down to slowly building up to at least 30 mins of hard sweaty, heart pumping exercise every day over the last 4 months - it gives a normal reason for the heart to race and is very good way to normalise the excess anxiety adrenalin along with causing endophin and encephalin production - the feel good chemicals from the brain after exercise

I'll do a little write up on execise ideas and progression sometime

cheers josx