View Full Version : Weight gain on Clomipramine?

04-03-09, 00:26
Hi all

I've been reading about Clomipramine and it sounds like a wonder drug for anxiety and OCD. I am thinking about mentioning it to my therapist. Am currently on Sertraline, but it is not making my OCD any better at all. I've been anorexic for 6 years also so am very picky about what medication I take. My question is has anyone had any weight gain at all on Clomipramine?

Many thanks :)

24-04-09, 11:54
I took Clomipramine for a few years and there was a slight increase in weight. Not much though. I think it might be due to the fact that my system slowed down. They were, like many tablets, horrid to start with but I had a long period of feeling really good. Having been convinced to wean myself off of them and onto Fluoxetine I would not recommend this action. I now feel more anxious than ever