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05-03-09, 09:45
hi eveyone,

I was put on sertiline(20mg then 40mg) in november 2008. it lifted my mood but never stopped my panic attacks. So I am now on paroxtine 20mg (wrong spelling i thinks). Like being on the other med i never got side effects which its great. all I have had is headaches and waking up at like 3am panicing.

My girlfriend has 6 week left till we have our baby and i really dont want to miss it and be with her while she in alot of pain. im told give 6 weeks for them to start working and i sure hope they start working. i am booking an appointment with doc. i could do with something that will relax me before i go to the hospital (suggestions)..

im 24 years old and seriously need a break. I look around at people and wished i was like them being able to do simple things like walk around the streets. bit sad really but thats all i want so i can then give my child and girlfriend a better life..... take care all:yesyes:

05-03-09, 11:44
I have not posted here for a while, mainly because so many things took over my life (good things mind you). I was just popping in to see what was happening and to lurk as it were but as you seem a lot like I was when I started on the meds (minus the impending sprog), I wanted to impart a bit of advice.

I am 24, nearly 25 and I was on paroxetine for about 9 months on the same dose as you. If it's any consolation, I have not had a full blown panic attack since I got over the side effects (so about January 2008). I still have anxiety episodes but I and my fiance can talk me off the ledge. They are minor, they pass and I have become a lot more relaxed regarding the whole thing. The meds help but the thing I found is reading around the condition is helpful. You won't be an doctor but you can explain to those who need to know what's wrong if something happens.

Paroxetine is odd when you start taking it, mainly because it made my head feel like it was going a mile a minute, mainly at night. The sleep deprevation thing is part of the deal but it does subside. The thing I found best to do was something easy to help you relax. For me it was watch some tv and drink peppermint tea. Peppermint is good for the nerves and the digestive system so good for the butterflies as well as the sense of impending doom lol. If you're going to watch tv, just do 1 or 2 episodes of something rather than a film.

All the side effects do pass. The thing paroxetine did for me was I personally felt more subdued on it. I am quite a passionate guy but for the first couple of months I didn't feel as with it as I had done before. I suppose to be fair I was less wired but after a while on the tablets I was back to my old self.

Definates are not too much caffeine and definately no booze. Half a lager caused me issues so better safe than sorry on that. Find things that help you relax and do them. Also as I said before, reading up on what I had helped me, it might work for you too but if it causes you to overthink and panic then stop. Speak to the doc about cognitive beahvorial therapy too if you reckon it'll help.

Be prepared to take it for 6months to a year and when you want to come off, talk it through with your doctor and agree a good plan for it. SSRI withdrawl can be a real killer I am informed. Coming off paroxetine, even slowly gave me light headed spells when I was down winding down doses but I got off it.

I am now 7 months pill free, engaged, planning a wedding and working for the NHS. You can change things, just don't be afraid to do what you want to do.

Hang around here too, some of these guys really know what they're talking about.

Stay safe, keep that head up and best of luck to you and the good lady with the impending little one.

God bless,