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27-07-05, 17:18
i was sitting there watching a movie and had heard my sister and the guy that stays in the back room, having sex. (sorry to come out and say it like that, didnt know any other way) my brother had a friend staying the night over and they were also awake. we both had our bedroom doors open also. when i had heard them i was going to walk right in and pretty much yell at them because of how disrespectful it was. instead, i decided to go and tell my mom so that she could go and tell them that they were being heard. obviously i thought i was doing the right thing by telling my mom instead of going in there myself cause i most likely would have gotten into a big argument with them. i go and wake my mom up and tell her what was going on and for some reason she gets mad at me. she was mad cause i had woken her up for the reason i did. i just wanted to watch a movie without having to listen to them in the other room.

i dont like the guy that lives here to begin with cause he 'used to' (i think he still does) do drugs and i dont trust him and now that i feel that he's disrespecting me in my house just makes me more upset.

i have always had to deal with hearing everyone in the house having sex and each time they knew i was awake in the next room and that i could hear them. i dont know if they think it's 'OK' or they just dont care but it is really uncomfortable for me. and obviously i wouldnt be able to let anyone know how i really feel cause ill just get yelled at for it.

sorry to blab on about it but i just really wanted to get it off my chest and i, of course, have no one to really talk to.


27-07-05, 18:36
hi Jenn,

I can imagine that it's a pretty uncomfortable situation for you. Could you not speak to your sister in private and ask her to keep the noise down?

Sarah :D

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27-07-05, 21:17
ive told her the first time i heard them to keep the noise down. that was when no one else was home but me. she doesnt really care what anyone really says anyway. she's just too worried about what she wants to do with other guys than anyone else, including her kids.

she's even in the back room with him right now whiles my nephew is running around the house. sometimes i just feel like hitting her. [Sigh...]


27-07-05, 21:48
Sorry you had such a bad night i hope it is a better night tonight for you hun.

Love Sal xx

Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.

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27-07-05, 22:06
Why don't you put some nice music on Jenn and do your best to ignore it? :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

28-07-05, 21:07
I know it doesn't make the problem go away but could you not invest in a pair of earphones, some cordless ones maybe?

Looking back at what I've posted, I think that's just made me look unsympathetic. That's not what I wanted to do though.

It was an idea that might help you a little. When I was in foster care, my foster parents were 'making love' one night and I got really upset, I went into the other section of my bedroom and listened to my music to drown out the sounds...it wasn't so good in the morning when I work up on a hard floor with a stiff neck though[8)]