View Full Version : PLEASE help me:( urgent bowel cancer worries.

10-03-09, 22:20
Iv found blood in my stools, its definately blood (i know its gross but i checked one) and im SO scared..

I had a blood stool thing a few weeks ago, it came back negative, but not this has happened:'(
Im going to the doctors tomorrow..can anybody reassure me at all?

Im 17 btw:s

10-03-09, 22:20
that was meant to be now not not

10-03-09, 22:30
Was the blood bright red or tarry black???
If it was bright red then it is almost certainly due to piles or a fissure. Was it def blood or could it have been something you ate like tomatoes or peppers - these have freaked me out in the past especially tomato flesh as it squidges and looks like red blood.
The time to worry is if you whole stool looks tarry black as this is blood coming from hgher up your bowel and I have never heard of anyone of your age having bowel cancer
If it helps get your Dr to examine you but nothing to freak about.

10-03-09, 22:34
the blood is bright red i think, its not tarry black, i was examined recently for fissures and piles, said she didn't see anything..but isn't it possible for piles to be internal?

10-03-09, 22:46
Firstly I know its easier said than done but try and keep calm and relaxed, rather than getting so scared.. It would be very rare for someone so young as you to have bowel cancer and if you had got it then it would have been picked up on a few weeks ago with your tests. They came back negative so there is no bowel cancer. There are other harmless reasons why you can have blood in your stools. If the blood is bright red it is nearer to the opening. Darker blood comes from further up inside the bowel. It is when you have dark tarry stools that is when there is more reason concern. Sometimes internal piles can cause bleeding, sometimes your diet and constipation can cause this, fissures too and also polyps and stomach problems. Straining when constipated can cause bleeding too. Dont assume the worst. I know anxiety makes us think like that but you dont have cancer if your tests came back negative. I hope it all gets sorted out for you.

11-03-09, 00:40
piles can be internal and not always seen by the doc - try fiber supplements and drink tons of water to see if that helps over a month or two period. if not - go back to the doc and ask them to do an internal check for piles and they may have to help you rid yourself of them.

11-03-09, 06:08
Hi there,
I had something very similar about a year ago.I had bright red blood every time i went to the loo for nearly a week.Sounds gross but it there was so much it turned the toilet water bright red.It totally freaked me out(my dad died of bowel cancer)I worried non-stop for months until it happened again.With my partners help i eventually plucked up the courage to go to see the doctor.
When i got there i was convinced that i had cancer.My doctor was brilliant tho,gave me lots of reassurance and gave me an internal check.Low and behold after months of worrying,it turned out i had internal piles!:blush:
Please try not to worry :hugs:

11-03-09, 18:15
Thank you for all your replies everybody. Iv been to the doctors, she said she suspects internal piles, and im going to do another stool blood test thing..im still terrified. The red blood has gone from what i can see (touch wood) but iv proper been like, checking out whats going on with my stools, and now i can see ther are like sold red looking stands..so im worried again:(
sorry that thats kinda graphic:S But yeah, thats from paying close inspection, i dont know if that could be blood, guess the test will show:S I just want to know at what point the doctor would send me for like a colonopsy or summat..would it be if the blood didn't clear?

11-03-09, 18:16
that was meant to be solid not sold

11-03-09, 18:17
oh and strands, jeeeeeez i cant spell!