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29-07-05, 09:06
I'm booked in for an endoscopy next week, due to my on going stomach pains. I've opted for a general anesthetic instead of sedation as I'm SO anxious about the whole thing. Does anyone know how long I'll be 'out' for and will I feel any pain or discomfort afterwards?

29-07-05, 09:28
I went for an endoscopy about year ago and I decided to do it without any medication as I dont like the thought of being out of control..... It last approximatley 2 minutes if you are lucky and the only horrible part is going through your throat as you feel like you will gag but after that it is ok... I had lots of nurses around me talking to me and I watched the TV monitor as it was going in etc... The good thing was I could go home almost immediately but if you have meds then you need to wait a few hours. Its not that bad so dont worry about it.


29-07-05, 16:05

I am waiting to go for one aswell due to stomach acid and i thought of opting to be knocked out. I had a friend who had it and she stayed awake. I am sure it wont last long at all and you will be fine.

Let us know how you get on.

Love Sal xx

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29-07-05, 17:03
I know lots of people who have had it done and they have said that it isn't bad at all. I'm sure it will go well.

Sarah :D

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30-07-05, 11:57
Thanks so much for your reassurance. I'll let you know how it goes.

Heeby x

30-07-05, 12:31
Hi Heeby

The procedure will take longer under general anaesthetic as you will have to wait longer to go home, I used to assist in these all the time and most of our patients used to opt for sedation and it's the sort that you won't remember what went on.
Your throat may be a little sore afterwards but that's all.
Let us know how you get on

Take care

Elaine x