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29-07-05, 23:56
I was perscibed diazepam yesterday for my anxiety. the doctor gave me 14 only, as he says it is something you can get a dependancy on.
I havent taken any yet as i only want to take it if i really really need it.

has anyone else tsken this drug or know anything else about it? the dispenser gave me them in a bottle with no instructions.

30-07-05, 01:05
Oh yes, the lovely valium! I took it for about 2 months when my anxiety started and didn't find any problem stopping it at all. I was taking 2mg, 3 times a day. I take the odd one now when I feel really bad but that's not very often. I have spoken to GP's who don't seem too worried about the stuff and believe a low dose is fine over a short period of time and some GP's that would rather lose a limb than prescribe them!


30-07-05, 03:28
Hi Starsuite,

My doc will only ever give my 14 diazapem and advises me to use them quite sparingly as after a few days they may become addictive.

I really needed them in February when I was at a real low and had the 'duty' of a funeral I had to attend and got worked up about it.

Since then, I have taken a couple of half-pills just to get me off to sleep when getting up the next morning has been important.

I've had some tough days in the last 3 or 4 months, but I've resisted taking them. I am only going to take them in exceptional circumstances, but I always have 2 or 3 on me in case I need them when I'm away, or should I encounter a really severe panic situation unexpectedly when out of the house.

My GP was even reluctant to prescribe another batch hence my rationing them. A few months have passed so no doubt she's be a bit more willing, but to be quite honest, I don't want to use them as an easy way out unless I see no other way.


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30-07-05, 11:11
i have diazapam and to be honest it has been my life saver at my worst times of panic and anxiety. I only ever take them when i really need them. I think of them as my wonder drug lol but have only ever taken 2 max at 1 time when ive been really really bad. ive not developed an addiction to them by any means, sometimes just knowing they are in my bag as a emergancy back up is a relief in itself.

Love & Hugs from Sarah-Jane xxxx

30-07-05, 11:59
hi star, as they all say just take them when you realy feel u cant handle the anxiety or panic, You do get dependent on them quite quick. some old timers are hooked and take 20 to 30mg daily. but like alcohol or anything els if taken sensabily they are fine.

31-07-05, 20:02
hi star,
when i was at my worst, i took 5mg diazepam a day (in two separate doses). i found it really helped me but i had to really keep an eye on it to stop myself getting addicted. now i rarely take it but always have some on me, just incase. it's more a psychological crutch than anything else.
henri x

31-07-05, 21:32
**the dispenser gave me them in a bottle with no instructions. **

This is appalling practice as its your first time. You can go back and ask for a Patient Information Leaflet.

You've had really good advice on how to use them from the others


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