View Full Version : THank you!

13-03-09, 12:03
Hi Nic!

Just a note to say thanks very much for the prompt delivery of my order. I love everything and my mum is gonna be so chufted with the wee dog. He's gorgeous. To anyone reading this thread if you havent already and if you are able..get an order in for the mothers day gift soft dog, he makes ya swoon lol

Thanks again for everything!

Pooh x

13-03-09, 12:35
Also Thank you for my order Nic.

I got it this morning. I will give the postcards/leflets to my CPN and Docs.

I agree with you Pooh, The dogs are sooo cute. My pet dog already ran off with it in his mouth so I might of lost it. Lol.

Thanks again Nic. I know the postage is more then I sent but I will be sending some more soon. As The money left from my football outting In April, I will donate to you. :)

Nikk xxxx

13-03-09, 16:45
I looked at those cute dogs and was very tempted to buy one for myself, however, don't think it would be such a great idea with having 5 dogs in the house!

I did buy some rescue remedy, a pen and got some of the leaflets which came very quickly.

Thank you Nic xxx

13-03-09, 19:10
pooh - I love them too! I gave one to my mate the other day as she wouldn't give it back to me :roflmao:

Nikk - don't worry about the postage - it wasn't much. I didn't want you to think I was short-changing you :winks:

Sunshine-lady - thanks for the order and thanks for handing the leaflets out.