View Full Version : periods...or what? (for ladies only)

16-03-09, 16:13
Hello, I've been quite good in the last couple of days, I haven't been worrying a lot... :D
Today I'm back worrying! I really hope you can advice me.
I was supposed to finish my period yesterday-today and today I stopped bleeding and instead I've been having this horrible thick brown discharge.
Is this normal?
I had a smear test 3 weeks ago (the results are not back yet...:scared15: ) and I remember I had the same brown discharge after the visit. And the smell is the same! Like iron or metallic smell... kind of strong actually. I guess thats the cervix smell...:unsure:
I really don't wanna freak out yet, Please anyone, tell me if you had or having the same symptoms... :weep:

16-03-09, 16:18

i too have this discharge after my period, it is just the old blood coming away xx

16-03-09, 18:10
It smells of iron because of the iron in the blood. This is very normal. I have it ever time im on the tail end of my period. Its nothing to worry about I assure you x

16-03-09, 18:34
Normal :)


17-03-09, 07:58
I feel much better now that I know that is not just me with this problem, thanx for ur replies!!:yesyes:

17-03-09, 09:23
Yeah this is normal its just old blood as opposed to the fresh we get at the beginning. It sticks around the womb whilst you are on your period & dries up if you like hence the brown discharge appearance.


17-03-09, 14:41
Its completely normal thats all my 14 year old daughter was getting for a few months and gp its not a problem i too have had it on and off for 30 years.hope that helps