View Full Version : New to Duloxetine

18-03-09, 16:18
As some of you may know I have been suffering from a reccurrence of anxiety and depression . I am already taking meds lithium 1,000mg and dothiepin 150mg. As my mood has not lifted and my anxiety has increased my psychiatrist plans initially to introduce duloxetine 60mg as well as the dothiepin and lithium. If I improve he will gradually take me off the dothiepin. I'm scared stiff by these plans although I wanted this to happen. Apparantly the plan is to take patients off dothiepin unless there is no alternative as it is very toxic in overdose. I have no intention of overdosing on dothiepin. If anyone has any experiences of duloxetine I would be interested to hear from them? If anyone has tried to come off one drug to replace it with a newer one I would be interested to know of your experiences good or bad.

18-03-09, 16:35
Ive been on duloxetine for 6 weeks now, and so far so good! No side effects, and a better mood already!
Good luck