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24-03-09, 16:00
I took my first dose of duloxetine last night 60mg. It was odd because I was just waiting to feel panicky but nothing. I woke several times in the night but this was because I felt nauseous. I had actually woken up at 11.30, 2am and then again about 5.30am so not a good night. This morning was very difficut and I nearly didn't make it in to work. I felt really sick and giddy and went back to lie on the bed. Again I felt ill at the bus stop but made it into work. I hope things improve tomorrow. I think that it is doubly difficult as I am to stay on the prothiaden until I am used to the duloxetine and then reduce the prothiaden. I will let you know how I get on.

25-03-09, 15:08
I have had another day on duloxetine. I have noticed these side effects: trembling and shaking when waking, feeling spaced out and depersonalised dry mouth and constipation. It is difficult to concentrate but I'm determined to try to make this transition from dothiepin to duloxetine without to many problems. I also feel tired and heavy. Again I didn't sleep well. Hopefully these side effects will improve. I didn't feel nauseous this morning.

25-03-09, 15:11
Keep going, I have had a nightmare with citalopram but it *seems* to be easing off. I'm on day 6. Side effects for most medicines are supposed to wear off in one to two weeks. They might wear off sooner if you're lucky :)

29-03-09, 15:21
Hi Psycho poet how are you doing? I have reached day six of duloxetine and had a terrible day. I felt as if I was drunk. I tried to go to the loo in the middle of the night and nearly fell over because the giddyness was so bad. Yesterday I felt definitely off balance giddy and spaced out. I gave in at lunch time and went to sleep for a few hours. I think that the side effects are worse because I have to combine two anti ds then slowly withdraw the other one.

29-03-09, 19:45

Being on the two together makes it difficult to work out whether the Duloxetine is making you feel so bad, or the combination of the two.

Having said that, all the effects you have mentioned I had when starting Dulox. It won't last if it is the side effects of the Duloxetine it defo will go off. When is shrink intending to take you off the Prothieden?

Good luck with the Duloxetine it did help my depression I have to admit that but wasn't so good with the anx side of things.


29-03-09, 20:33
thanks Yvonne. He intends to wean me off prothiaden really slowly. I will see him again in a couple of weeks.