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01-04-09, 02:43
i take xanax as needed, honestly I don't take it as often as I need to. Anyways, went in to the dr, anxiety has gotten bad and starting to feel like I am getting depressed. He wants to put me on cymbalta (60mg)and I am SO terrified of taking meds. Then I read someone where that fatalities can occur with anti-depressents. Please, anyone, if you had tried this drug, please respond. I would love to get better, but meds scare the heck out of me. Thanks in advance. I am really trying to debate trying this on my own to get thru it (again) and have an appt with a therapist 4/14/

01-04-09, 08:22
I have just started on 60mg of cymbata/duloxetine. I have been taking it for nine days. I was very scared when I first started taking it as I am cross tapering ie withdrawing another anti d prothiaden whilst starting on cymbalta.The side effects that I have experienced last week have been dry mouth, severe giddyness. constipation and depersonalisation. I have also felt spaced out and chronically tired. This week I feel soo much better. The giddyness and dry mouth have gone and I feel more with it. It is one of the newer anti ds but some psychiatrists seem keen to try it for treatment resistant depression and when other drugs have failed. I hope you decide to take it as there dont seem to be many users ( if any ) on this forum.

05-04-09, 15:31
Thank you for your reply. How are you doing on the cymbalta now? I still have not started taking it. just the xanax still and that helps me. I have been doing much better this week, but still that anxiety and worry lingers. My husband really wants me to take it. I can handle the nausea and constipation, stuff like that, but other things I read about it have been bad and that scares me.

05-04-09, 17:34
I have been taking cymbalta/duloxetine for about two weeks now. I agree that the side effects were bad during the first week. I still get the giddiness but it isn't as bad just when I get up after lying down. The next big stage for me is reducing the prothiaden. I wont know how that will go until I see my psychiatrist after Easter. I suggest that you give the cymbalta a go. What are the other side effects that you are afraid of? I have also noticed that my mood has improved although I'm still waking early in the morning.

07-04-09, 13:25
I am so scared about dying from taking something...I read on a post on another website that stuff like that can happen on anti depressents.

24-08-09, 14:00
i been taking cymbalta 4 days now but i read terrible posts about it i want to stop it