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09-08-05, 10:15
Can anyone help me with this one? Its plaguing me at the minute. I know i'm still in quite an anxiety state, but when i watch "coronation Street" of an evening some characters "older ones" in particular become unreal to me as though they are no longer with us or i try to see through them as though they r ghosts , then i think i'm the ghost. I know it sounds mad but it feels real. Can anyone make sense of this for me at all ? Thankyou

10-08-05, 20:43
Hi Suzuki

What you explain dose not sound mad to me I do know where your coming from.
While having DP/DR I have had many horrible thoughts and they DID feel real to me. While having a meal with my hubby he went to the loo,
I was sitting there by myself and feeling very spaced, sudenly in a split second he ran at me, he was not even there, it scared the life out of me.
It seemed soooo real to me.
My daughter suffered PA, anxiaty from the age of 3, she was 12 on sunday. She is doing very well now[^] she would expain her's like whaching a video on fast forward everyone would move very quickly.
I would always tell her to think happy thoughts and it would go. The last time she had this symptom was when she went to her new school and manged to get rid of it all by herself[^]
Sorry I can't make sense of it for you, I just know that it will only happen when you are in a high anxiaty state.
It WILL go in time.




kate H
12-08-05, 14:20
Hi Suzi,

I know exactly how you feel and dont worry your not losing it. As you prob know DP is part of anxiety and this is the hardest part of it to cope with (well thats what i think) I have got to a point now where I can hardly bare to sit in my living room and watch the tv becuase it totally freaks me out. Sometimes I look at my Mum or my partner and its as if i dont know who they are. The less you worry or think about it which I know is hard the more it will dissapear.

I find if im feeling like that then I have to go ff and do something else that will occupy my mind.

I brought a really good book called "Stranger in the mirror" which has helped.

Take Care

.......Is your past barging in on your future? Make a better 2morrow 2day.......

12-08-05, 14:47

Someone else recommended that book as well ...

derealisation/depersonlisation (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2512)


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