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03-04-09, 21:23
Hello all, i am from Greece.I take seroxat for 10 years (20 mg).I had serious panic attacks.
My question maybe is strange or stupid but i have to ask about it.I cannot swallow pills,so i chew seroxat and drink water after.My doctor told me that is better to swallow the pill.But i have a serious problem to swallow pills :weep:

So this will hurt my health?

Vanilla Sky
03-04-09, 21:31
Hi greekster, i'm not familiar with seroxat i have never taken it, but the reason you should swallow some tablets rather than chew is because some medications are released slowly into your body, i cannot say if this is the same thing with seroxat. Maybe it won't work as effectively but i doubt it would harm your health. Go back and tell your doctor the problem maybe he will have a solution for you good luck Love Paige x

Captain America
03-04-09, 21:46
it depends on the pill. did your doctor say why, or just said it's better? some pills are time release, and chewing makes the dosage higher. others are coated to prevent the pill from dissolving in the stomach so they get absorbed into the small intestine. i have no idea about seroxat if it falls under one of these categories.

03-04-09, 21:59
Thank you Paige! I suppose that you have right about this.The truth is that my doctor told me some techniques to swallow the pill of seroxat,but i did itonly 3 or 4 times in 10 years ,lol...

I visited only 4 times my doctor last two years!He cannot help me more.My panic attacks now are just 4 or 5 every year.Before start seroxat ,every 2 days i had serious panic attacks,with many symptoms,but after 4 months using seroxat i was much much better.Now i have a normal life ,without panic or anxiety (except these 4 or 5 times every year i think i will die ...)

I tried to withdraw seroxat, but it was so hard for me.And i just continue to take it.Also i take 30 mg inderal (propranolol) and 4 mg lexotanil (bromazepam).All these pills i chew them and drink water!

03-04-09, 22:33

It is best to swallow a whole pill after eating some food and drinking with water.

Seroxat/Paroxetine, I feel is a medication to be taken carefully. Rather than chewing your medication, is it possible for you to cut them up into tiny pieces or put them in a certain type of food and then swallowing it ?

Chewing isn't bad for your health, only certain anti-depressants like Seroxat need to be taken with alittle more care. Parts of the tablet can get stuck in your teeth, therefore you're not getting a stable dosage or more so, slightly different amounts at different times,.. it's not consistant and as a result of this, you could suffer with side affects.

Hope this helps alittle.
:flowers: xx