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05-04-09, 17:18
I have suffered OCD and health anxiety combined for too long to remember.

I use my art to relax - in my studio haven

Were i can loose myself and enjoy every second

06-04-09, 00:01
Wow - Is this your work ? It's amazing,..beautiful detail.

I love art too, only erm,.. hehee more like Expressional and Sculptures.

I also love photography too.:)

06-04-09, 10:56
Thanks Katie, yes its mine.

I would love to be a bit more expressionist, I would love to do sculpture as well, but I am a detail freak haha

I like photography too. Not very good,I photograph mainly animals


06-04-09, 11:28
Absolutely outstanding work.


11-04-09, 13:17
Yes I find art very therapeutic. Have just recently gotten into it so mainly have been drawing a lot and doing photography. Am so jealous of your talent!!!

11-04-09, 13:23
wow those are amazing! and yeah so detailed, you are very talented :)

I should learn to express myself like this too, I think it would really help :)

11-04-09, 23:51
They are beautiful paintings, you certainly are very talented.

12-04-09, 23:37
Beautiful. :yesyes:

Love Piglet :flowers: