View Full Version : Buspirone?? Filisa??

05-04-09, 21:08
Has anyone tried or know anything about Buspirone or Filisa? Be really interested to hear anyones experiences?

Thanks :)

05-04-09, 23:28
I take buspirone. It took a while to start working. There are no side effects that I can speak of.

05-04-09, 23:29
oh, by the way, not sure if it works because there are times that I can still feel my anxiety even though I take it.

07-04-09, 13:58
Yes I've tried Filisa and found it really good. Was able to completely come off my citalopram after a few months. You can get it from Little Herbal as Fin says above and they are really really helpful and supportive. Ask to speak to a lady called Lesley if you ring them -- it's her company. I was in such a mess and felt like I was in a black hole but gradually feeling so much better and like 'me' again. It's well worth trying and they have a great sleepy thing too called Nalala which I've tried. You get a really good nights sleep with it. I had to stop taking Buspirone because of chronic insomnia (apparently one of the side effects) No side effects with Filisa that I found. Just makes you feel 'in control' and calm.