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12-04-09, 23:00
Hi all,

First off, thanks to all member of this site - wonderful collection of people all trying to help each other,truely inspiring!

My main question - does anyone suffer from/or have any advice on dealing with feelings of unreality (more correctly depersonalization/derealization)?

Before visiting this site i had no idea this was such a common symptom of anxiety - it scared and still does scare me like nothing else. All of a sudden for me everything feels very surreal, i feel very removed from everything. Almost the same feeling as when you wake up suddenly and your not quite together yet and your thoughts are still half dreamlike. It honestly is the most terrifying thing i have ever experienced, and i feel that if i could handle it jst a little bit i would be able to start dealing with my other issues.

Any help or advice is massivly appreciated,


Bob G

12-04-09, 23:24
I know how you feel. I first started getting PA about a year and a half ago and the main symptom was a pounding heart- i got in a state and saw a therapist, who gave me leaflets etc on how to deal with them. I learnt a breathing technique which worked really well for me and joined the gym- was PA free for a year

Then i got too stressed about work and i started getting PA again but got different symptoms (one of which was depersonalisation) to the first time so had to go through the recovery process all over again. I can honestly say that depersonalisation was one of the most terrifying symptoms as i believe it triggered off a lot of my other one's- dizziness, shaking, feelings of tiredness, weakness. I'd wake up every morning wondering if this was going to be the day i'd feel 'right' again and every morning/day/night i cried with disappointment as it continued. I think what was worrying me that the depersonalisation was a symptom of an illness but once you recognise it for what it is and truly believe it is only panic it is a lot easier to manage.

I know this is easier said that done but try and forget about it- i've had moments of depersonalisation since i went through that bad phase but i just ignore it and continue with what i am doing/saying and it goes away without me noticing as i'm concentrating on something else. Or if you're not in the middle of doing something try and concentrate on something- book, film etc- to distract yourself and i promise that once you stop thinking about it, stop thinking what the day is going to be like when you get up, it will go away.
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take care :)