View Full Version : Ill from duloxetine

14-04-09, 18:56
I have been to see Dr J today and he wants me to discontinue the duloxetine. I have been very ill over the weekend with nausea and vomiting as well as headaches shaking, feeling hot and cold. I have mixed emotions coming off it as I thought that I would have to suffer the side effects and that they would eventually go. He seemed annoyed that I hadn't called him to tell him I was ill. He wants my lithium levels checked as I have been feeling dehydrated as well as sick. Went to see my GP this afternoon as I still have a horrendous cough. Turns out that I have a secondary chest infection so more antibiotics plus the blood tests and sputum test. I'm feeling very sorry for myself it probably accounts for my lethargy. I'm a bit nervous to see whether the anxiety and depression will return. I told Dr J what the pharamcist had said about the drug interaction between lithium and dothiepin but he couldn't find any in his copy of MIMS. I also told him I thought that he was poisoning me as I have felt very unwell over the weekend. He said would call if he could find a drug interaction between the two but as Kev has said it might be a very new contraindication.

14-04-09, 19:05
I hope you are feeling better soon!

15-04-09, 15:22
Thanks Irforge. I still feel ill lightheaded plus I've now got the runs from the strong antibiotics that I'm on for the chest infection plus I'm still at work because we are busy and short staffed. I'm not sure where this situation will go. I will have to go to have my bloods checked tomorrow. I had a full mot at the docs yesterday blood pressure, temperature which was slightly raised and listening to my chest which sounded rattley. At least I'm not feeling sick any more or headaches just very unsure of myself and what will happen next.

16-04-09, 01:12
you will get thru this. I FINALLY went and saw a phyciatrist last night. It helped alot and she wants to up my meds. I cut everything in 1/2. She said for what I was taking I could just as well get blue m and m;s. Hope you are feeling better. This is NOT a life long thing.