View Full Version : Had a MRI of my Brain Today

15-04-09, 01:26
After 5 / 6 months of having on and off, off balance (walking on a boat feeling) and sensitive eyes a couple of times for a periods of a week plus

I finally got my doctor to give me a referral for a MRI scan, not before he had me agree to go on effexor mind you.

As soon as I started taken the effexor i didnt want the scan really, but since i had done all the leg work went through with it.

I know its the anxiety causing the above feeling but I wanted to be sure so, Please God the scan comes back clear.

I went private so the results are sent to my GP in 24 hours, I know brilliant! My appointment with my GP is 11 am Thursday morning so hopefully the results will be in and clear.

It was a tunnell, i dont normally take d2's unless i want to sleep thats valium, but i did pop one before the mri. I got through it, they done 3 scans the first one had to be redone cos of movement I moved apartently. They gave me headphones etc..

I got out asked the nurse how it looked she said my GP would get the results in 24 hours, I asked if anything stood out and she said "notting major jumped out".

Its done now so im happy and pray to God all goes well with no signs of tumors or brian problems.

Will keep you all updated!


16-04-09, 13:19
Got the results, All Clear, everything is perfect.

I am so so happy.

Thank God.

16-04-09, 13:51
Aww great news - bet you are pleased now and can calm down.

tayside lassie
16-04-09, 14:12
great news for you bet you feel so relieved now .....

i get that eye thing have done off/on for a couple of year now aint much fun so i can imagine how you felt ....

16-04-09, 14:21

Great news


Marc EH
16-04-09, 14:31
Great news! My eyes always play up and I would like to have an MRI as well but don't think GP will let me!

16-04-09, 18:56
Good news that you got given the all clear! :yesyes:

16-04-09, 18:57
fantastic. Know the euphoria of all clears!

26-04-09, 17:50
Thanks so much folks still feeling so happy about it.

29-04-09, 17:15
Hi Tommy,
Loud isn't it. I had my scan done today. NHS but they treated me ok. Wasn't very comfortable in that tube thing. Bang Bang Bang Ping. I'm glad everything was fine for you.

29-04-09, 19:21
Tommy, that is brilliant news, I'm really pleased for you.:yesyes:

I'm sure yours will have the same result bobobob, thinking of you and let us know. :)

02-11-09, 10:58
Hi Bob, hope all turns out ok for you. I had a the same scan on the same day as you. i find out my results today hopefully. it was the leading up to it that set my anxiaty off, couldn't care less how its gone now. have to have a EEG too now thats cousing the anxiaty as its to messior my brain acctivety, so my paronoya kicking in as i dont know how much thay can understand how my head works.
Stay strong and keep safe. matt.:)