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15-08-05, 18:46
I couldnt attend my mates stag do because of anxiety , his wedding is in 2 weeks so I thought I have to have some relief, I saw doctor today and she gave me a small supplyof diazepam to help. She was a locum doctor but was better than some of them down there. She was flippin gorgeous as well so I think I will go and see her again....but not for some valium !

15-08-05, 19:06
I also got diazepam in 2mg form to help me get through similar situations. So far I've only taken half at a time, this seems to get me through most situations. I'm saving a full one for some real trauma like long car/plane journey's. My anxiety isn't chronic but it does keep me indoors a lot more than I would like to considering I'm only 24 and was never really in before the anxiety struck. One thing I will say though is the effect of alcohol on you while you are on diazepam will feel like double and can make you very sleepy. I've only had a few beers on it and it knocked me for six. So my advice is to take it easy on the stag do if you decide to take some.

15-08-05, 19:14
The stag has been and gone, I have some for the wedding just in case, although I am hoping the sertraline will have helped out a bit by then, its 2 weeks away and I will have been on the sertraline 5 weeks by then

16-08-05, 09:52
Have moved your post here Frankie.

I hope you're feeling better by the time the wedding comes around though there's nothing wrong with using the valium. :D

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20-08-05, 22:13
i also have gotten valium for the dentist. would take a half of one the night before and a whole one the day of. they also make me really sleepy. i have another dentist app. this Tue. and am supposed to call for some more.


21-08-05, 17:12
Hi Frankie,

I have it just as emergency use. It just feels good to know it's there!

Hope you get to the wedding! Perhaps you could ask your GP along! With her supply of valium! Oh er!

Take care,

Love PIP'S X X

24-08-05, 20:25
Hi everyone,
I have been taking Diazepam (Valium) daily for 28 yrs.
I was prescribed it for an acute anxiety state/panic attacks.
14 yrs ago I developed severe agoraphobia and have been housebound since then. I've tried to reduce my meds but my symptoms got worse and I am stuck now with the agoraphobia/ anxiety worse than it was before. My Dr. said that I should stay on it but someone told me that it is the meds that is keeping my fears ' alive'
I would welcome any comments on this and also whether it is possible to recover and still be on the meds, I feel so trapped and it seems impossible to let go of the meds at present while at the same time it seems impossible to recover, feel as if i'm going round in circles.
stuck2long : )

24-08-05, 20:34

Why don't you start your own thread in introductions so we can answer your issues specifically

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24-08-05, 20:45
Sorry Meg,
Just trying to find my way around
Pegi aka stuck2long