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24-04-09, 16:18
I've had 10 days off seroxat as it wasnt working, shrink wants me to try Anafranil.

Help what can i expect


24-04-09, 16:38
Hiya Joy,

:) So glad you've now managed to come off of the Paroxetine.

I have never taken the medication you're asking about, but I hope it works well for you. Wishing you brighter days !

Take it easy x

24-04-09, 17:52
As i said Joy, i'm feeling a little better :) seeing doc again on monday and i'm going to ask him to up it a little. i dont seem to be having any side effects at all.


27-04-09, 09:42
Hi. Seen doc again this morning and he has upped the meds to 200mgs. hope that works even better. still no side effects that i know of. Although i might be growing another head :) who knows :)


27-04-09, 14:57
What dose did you start with. I'm only on 25mg so your 200mg sounds high!!!!! Giving me headaches and shakiness at the mo which is worrying.


27-04-09, 17:34
started on 25 for a few weeks then 50, then 100 now 200, just with a few weeks in between.
Think i'm feeling a little better, but no side effects that i notice as yet.

27-04-09, 18:06
Iwas wondering how you were doing Hubber.Good luck with the new meds, glad you arent having bad side effects. :hugs: Take care SUE