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30-04-09, 00:33
Ive been in the hospital 3 time in the last month and a half thinking im having heart problem ive had 3 separate ECGs and they all come back normal along with the blood test....

But i still have constant chest pain its not like it goes away well it get a little better if i walk around but if im sitting or laying down it hurts...

i cant bring myself to trust the ECGs i dont know why i still think there is somthing wrong with my heart am i just worrying to much???

are ECGs accurate?? i mean ive had 3 wouldnt they have shown something if there was really somthing wrong??

im haveing a stress test friday so i guess that should shouw somthing if there is.

but the pain just isnt when im having a panic attack its constant and its really scareing me...

30-04-09, 00:50
Hi Chief - I'm not a doc, so can't say that all is well. However I can say that anxiety can cause literally hundreds of symptoms. Pain is one of them and its quite possible that anxiety is the cause. It doesn't make it go away, but it helps to know that its certainly a possibility.

I'd be relieved to know that all 3 ECG's were fine. I think after three then theres isn't much room for error. They are accurate, but you are doing the right thing by having other tests done which will help put your mind at ease.

Putting a name to the problem is the first step to recovery. More often than not it is anxiety. Hopefully you'll know more on Friday.


30-04-09, 01:04
but what about the pain its dosnt go away ive had chest pain for more than a month now

30-04-09, 01:38
Hi chief - can only relate my own experience as I'm not a doctor. I felt like I had a lump in my throat for over a year. I was sure there was something there. Even thought it was the big C. It was just another symptom of my anxiety. Knowing that helped me to stop thinking about it and eventually it went.


30-04-09, 04:07
after them test your fine dont worry so much
hope you have peace of mind

30-04-09, 15:41
i dont get pain in my chest but i am breathless more or less 24 hours a day which i thought couldnt possibly be anxiety but it is i know its hard to accept it is but youve had the tests done and your ok

30-04-09, 17:01
Hi, just wanted to give you some hope! I have had chest pain on and off for 5 years now (to varying degrees but each time I think it is a heart attack). It is ALL anxiety based. Like you have had ECG's, stress test, 24 holter monitor and nothing but ectopic beats showed up. I am now having CBT therapy which I think is going to help. It is a case of stopping yourself fearing the worst and thinking this is just anxiety. Anxiety itself causes many, many different symptoms and so many are physical pains and aches that can mimic other more serious illnesses/diseases. The irony of this is that I work in a Psychiatric Hospital and deal with these type of problems in patients every day, yet I can't calm myself! I am sure you will be absolutely fine. I find swimming and exercise helps to release the excess adrenalin that is pumping around your body. Feel free to IM me if you want any more information.

Take care ... April