View Full Version : clomipramine's awful side effects

30-04-09, 04:36

So I've been taking clomipramine for major depression and anxiety, Its been about 5 weeks all together since i started, the first two weeks at 50mg then three weeks on 100mg. I understand this med can take a while to work. But how about the side effects? How long do they stick around? I have been experiencing a few, weakness in the legs and arms, extreme shakiness, dizziness, confusion, and blurry vision. I don't want to stop taking it as it is improving my mood slightly but I cant handle the side effects much longer... Will they go away?

30-04-09, 05:35
Hi, been on the meds for several weeks now. and i cant see any major side effects.

I take them at night, so that any dizziness is not felt as i sleep well on them.

I do however have really weird dreams every night.

Other than that nothing and i do feel my mood slightly better.


30-04-09, 16:13
I've only been taking it for 7 days and am suffering from bad nausea, chemists say this is common but its very unpleasant. Any one Else????