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20-08-05, 22:46
I have been taking St. John's wort now for nearly 3 weeks. I had been having a bad relapse with depression and anxiety due to the menopause.
I feel mentally fine now, but I have been feeling extremely weary.
I sleep much better at night, but I feel worn out during the day. I fell asleep on the bed this afternoon which is so unlike me.
I usually have bags of energy, but everything is becoming physically an effort.
I am sure it is a side effect of SJW.
If my mood has stabilised would it be ok to stop taking it already?
Does anyone have any experience with this, please?

21-08-05, 10:17
hi Janet,

I was on SJW for 3 weeks and stopped after that. It did make me feel tired but the reason I stopped was because it gave me a rash on my arms. I figured that it wasn't agreeing with me..

Sarah :D

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21-08-05, 13:35
Hi Janet,
Have not taken St.John's Wort, but i am going the the menopause and the tiredness i am experiencing is absolutely unbelievable, i have always had energy, but the extreme tiredness i feel is almost unbearable, i don't sleep well at night and have never been one to have afternoon naps, i know this is a very common sympton and eventually will pass. Not much help am i? but just to let you know you are not alone. You have done really well to overcome the anxiety and depression....take care and keep in touch xxxxxxxxxx