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21-08-05, 14:39
Been taking 5mg for 6 days and 10mg for the past 3 days and ive got bruises on my arms and have had for 6 days and they havent faded and i can't dertermine if ive knocked my arms or anything so my doctor has advised me to stop taking them. Was told i shouldnt get any withdrawal effects because ive not been on them long and only on a very low dose. I was really hopefull has well that they would work, i feel like i'm going to be like this forever now.

21-08-05, 14:47
sorry they didnt work but remember there are lots of other ones for u to try, so dont give up !


21-08-05, 23:11
Hi Paulb
I had a similar problem a few years back, seroxat just made me sleep[xx(]
I soon found a med that was better, you will too, just hang on in there ok.it's just a matter of gritting your teeth until you find one.
i hope you get sorted out soon

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22-08-05, 08:34
Hi PaulB

Don't give up! there are lots of other meds out there that can help you. Some suit one person and not another. I'm sure your GP will find the one that suits you soon.

Take Care

Kazo xxx

22-08-05, 09:59
There are lots of different meds out there so please don't give up!! :D

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22-08-05, 14:24
There will definitely be something for you Paul, you just have to hang in there until the one that suits you best comes along. In the mean time if you're worried about yourself and your well being make sure you come back here to get some support, we're in this together x