View Full Version : Amitriptyline

02-05-09, 05:04
I was originally given this to help me sleep, evey other anti depressant made me worse. I didn't realise that this was taken as a anti depressent because I learnt and didn't really look at the leaflet or google then till recently when I wanted to check if I could have a little drink.
But I found it has worked wonders with my anxiety I now feel like myself I haven't had a panic attack in 3 weeks. Don't get me wrong I still think these thoughts that I have something wrong with me, but not so bad and I don't totally freek out into a panic attack. But I can't put it all done to the tablets people help me on here when I do freek out.

I take 10ml in the evening and it totally relaxes me I can still go out and drive and do my day to day things and I can take more than one if I feel I need to. I'm on 25ml to sleep. Haven't really took much of the 25ml as I like to take 10ml then another if it don't effect me.

So if your like me and have had bad reactions to the anti depressents maybe even ask your doc about them. I've had no side effects on these they are like valium that's the only way I can discribe them.