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05-05-09, 12:13
:) have just been priscribed this for GAD and Depression, just wanted to know if anyone has used this med before. thanks

05-05-09, 12:26
Hi there

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05-05-09, 12:27
thank you your very kind.

05-05-09, 13:55
Ive been given it, started last week on 30mg then start the 60mg dose on Sunday. Going better than I thought but still not feeling great as it takes a couple of weeks to get into the system!
Hope it goes well for you

05-05-09, 13:58
thanks jen have you been priscribed it for depression and gad also did it take long to kick in because im at the end of my teather!

05-05-09, 20:51
To be honest I am abit as well PM me if you need to! Ive been on it a week and a half and now the physical side effects seem to be settling. But my anxiety has gone up abit. Everyone is different. I was given it for general anxiety disorder!

07-05-09, 15:16
Hi Emma I was prescribed duloxetine 60mg. I took it for about a month. I experienced severe side effects nausea vomiting and giddiness. The plan was to wean me onto duloxetine first and then reduce the prothiaden that I was already on. I'm also on lithium. I had high hopes for this drug but it didn't work for me. I felt over medicated. In the female sense if affected sexual performance (it is not just the men who suffer) It is an snri and works differently to ssris. I wasn't allowed to continue with it. I hope it works well for you. You should feel the benefits in four to six weeks.