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06-05-09, 07:32
Hello everyone. With my GAD I don't like to take medicine's. I always google it, and read the leaflet that comes with the medicine. Then I psych myself out about taking it, because of the "side effects" of it. Recently my doctor gave me clonazepam. The other night while going through a panic attack I just sat and stared at the bottle. It's kind of silly having something right in front of me that's going to help me out, and I can't seem to get the nerve to take it. To get to the point, does anyone in here take this medicine? I would like to know how it makes you feel. I have two small children that I take care of by myself during the day, so I don't want to end up taking it while I'm at home by myself if it is going to make me sleepy. I'm hoping that this is my magic pill and when I have a panic episode, that it will help get me through it. Thanks for reading!


08-05-09, 13:07
personally i don't have any experience with clonazepam - but i do have experience with diazepam which is similar in some respects (both benzo's, both have long half life, both have risks)

i would have a look at user ratings to begin with- see how others react + general consensus on the drug


then see whether the risk/benefit ratio is in your favour. it was for me but it may not be for you.

All the best

12-05-09, 23:22
Right now I take 1mg clonazepam 3 times a day. I was really hesitant too, but it actually is whats getting me through these recent really bad panic episodes ive been having. At first, it made me really wobbly and i swayed around a bit, then my body got used to it after the first day and its been fine. I think it affected my stomach a bit too but that also stopped. I do feel a tiny bit sleepy every day, but I work out and do my daily stuff so if you are worried about takin care of your little ones, the side effects should wear off in a few days and then you should be up to snuff. And i can finally SLEEP! Yay!
hope it works out for you!