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Tori Frances
09-05-09, 09:12
Anyone had experience of being on these for years very successfully then found they stop working?
My dr increased my dose from 25mg to 175mg when my anxiety came back very strongly and it did not help. Now weaned off and on Citaloram - which isn't working either!
So gutted as these were my life savers I had thought.

10-02-14, 11:32
I have been on clomipramine since 2011 and am worried it may be stopping working...it's been a life saver - so I really hope it's just the stress of dealing with the benefits people and other life stresses. I have certainly heard that SSRI's like citalopram can stop working and that GPs will rotate their patients onto alternatives...

24-03-15, 18:35
Hello, same here. Clomipramine stopped working snd switched to Imipramine.
On two weeks now. Did you find a working successor for Clomipramine?

Thanks!! Carelw

28-07-15, 17:30
I am still on Clomipramine but it's not really working anymore, I have been in a bit of a crisis recently (various personal and life stresses building up) and so have been taking lorazepam, but I hate being on it, and the docs are reluctant for me to take it again (I used to be on it years ago during previous crisis) - I can't keep taking lorazepam as it's unhealthy - so not sure what to do, they won't prescribe me anything else at the moment other than clomipramine I've been told. Think they want me to use CBT techniques, which I'm keen to do and am on the waiting list for, but to be honest, i've always found these techniques completely unhelpful in a crisis - a bit like throwing a drop of water on the sun lol.