View Full Version : Paroxetine any better than cipralex

09-05-09, 18:08
Hi guys

Been on cipralex for 5 weeks and felt loads better last week but felt really bad the last 3 days. Consultant suggested increasing dosage to 15mg from current 10 or going onto paroxetine.

My worry is will I have to come off cipralex and have a break from mess before taking new meds and will I get a repeat of the side effects with new med. With cipralex I had the worst 3 weeks of my life getting on them and I can't face that again.

Anyone get side effects from paroxetine and how long did they last and what were they?

Anyone had experience of changing meds like these???

Could really do with help right now

10-05-09, 12:59
Hi Phoebe

I have been on both and am on cipralex now. I was on seroxat for many years and they were amazing but i wouldnt go back on them for various reasons - everyone is different though and all meds react differently for different people. Give cipralex another 3 weeks until you decide what to do x

05-10-09, 19:35
I was on Cipralex recently and felt it took ages to work, doc kept upping the dose, but took about 4 months to feel anyway normal. This was very different to my experience with Seroxat many years ago, it worked very quickly, felt fine within 3 weeks.

Serox has such a bad press that doc didn't prescribe it, even though I asked for it. If I decide to use ADs again I'll be insisting on Seroxat.

24-10-09, 16:50
I took seroxat years ago, very good. Finished on Lexapro 4 months ago and symptoms are returning. I'm thinking of going back on seroxat, Lex was ok just took ages work.

I'm wondering if seroxat is still prescribed, I don't want to have to fight with my doc to get it, i know many of them run scared of it these days.

Oh..to feel normal:wacko: