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10-05-09, 20:22
I have been on Clomipramine for about one month now, 50 MG every night. While my panic attacks and ruminations have been slightly down (from debilitating), I've had side effects ranging from heartburn to loss of appetite to shaking (especially, constant state of tremors/upheaval). My doctor wants to increase my dosage, but I am skeptical because it has been a month and these side effects have not left.

For those of you who have tried this drug, have you had similar experiences? Do the side effects lessen when the drug is taken over a longer period of time or in higher dosages? The lightheadedness and reduction of ruminations are certainly moving in a positive direction, I just want to make sure the positives will outweigh the negatives.

Thank you!

10-05-09, 21:40
Hi Iggy,
I was on anafranil 30 years ago and I have to say I had no side affects at all. I was given valium to counter act side affects and it certainly did the job! It did take a few weeks before I started feeling the benefit and for me it was just the job. If the side affects you are experiencing are unbearable I know by coming on this site there are lots of drugs available so dont just put up with unpleasentness. I also had no problems coming off anafranil although i did experience a shakey time coming off the valium. I haven't been much help to you but wish you well and send best wishes. x

13-05-09, 23:18
I was on this a very short time, I had really bad shaking, fatigue and nausea. I really struggled on this one, I was 16 and kept falling asleep in lessons I went from insomnia to sleeping throughout most the day!

28-05-09, 04:51
Thank you for your input. I have now increased dosage to 100, so I will see if I can do it.

10-06-09, 09:13
Are you feeling any better on the 100mg? I had mine increased to 75mg ten dyas ago and the anxiety etc has been worse due to increase to 100mg on Monday but rather worried about it


12-06-09, 08:00
Still on 200mgs with no effects. going to see head doctor this morning, going to ask if he can put them up a little.

12-06-09, 17:40
But do you feel any better on them or has there been no difference yet


15-06-09, 02:03
I think im maybe slightly better. one thing i have done, is in the last 2 weeks i have managed to stop smoking :) which was great given that i was on up to 80 a day. so maybe the drugs are having some effect.

15-06-09, 10:29
Well done indeed!!


17-06-09, 03:05
I went up to 100, then 150, but the side-effects were unbearable (I couldn't work, run, drive, etc). I have already begun to lower it with the intention of completely stopping it soon as long as my doc doesn't get too upset. This makes it 0/4 on medications, I might as well keep trying though.

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