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25-08-05, 16:33
Not sure if you already know of this but thought i would tell you in case you don't.

I was using the Bach Rescue remedy spray and found on their website that they did individual remedies for specific things. Rock rose was listed for terror and panic so i bought some and began to use it 2 drops on the tongue when i felt i was about to panic.

I also found aconite from Boots Pharmacy for panic attacks.

These two combined have worked very well and i have only had about 4 panic attacks in the last 3 days!!

I would defintely recommend it.

Emma x x

Emma x x

25-08-05, 16:45
Thanks Em - will look into both.

Love Piglet

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25-08-05, 18:56
I used to take Aconite religiously every day.

I also have Rock Rose and Rescue Remedy.

Good stuff aren't they?


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