View Full Version : Mirtazipine/Cymbalta

15-05-09, 22:08
Has anyone taken the combination of Mirtazipine for sleep and Cymbalta for dayly use?

I've been on Cymbalta for 5 days now and have gotten a good bit of my energy back (since I was feeling fatigued all the time). My lower jaw feels like it wants to move, like the muscles are constanly tense, and I feel drunk half the time. Plus I yawn like crazy (expected side effect). If anyone else takes Cymbalta, how long does this dizziness usually last? Also, my concentration has gone down some, so has my attention to detail, but my reading speed has jumped up considerably. It is like my head is underwater.

Has anyone experienced this before with this medicine?

17-05-09, 15:21
Sorry you havent had any replies, Cymbalta isnt a very widely used drug although doctors seem to be giving it out more now. Im on 60mg and I had dizziness for a few weeks but its totally settled down now. I also felt my mind was pretty foggy and I was yawning lots but again everything is fine now. Give it a couple of weeks and see how you feel. I did find my anxiety increased a little bit too but that didnt last long!
Good luck x