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28-08-05, 00:55
hi everyone -
I know there is a place on the site that explains Bach remedies but I was just wondering how it works and an explanition on exactly what is in it.
I know most everyone from UK probably knows but as a US member I have never even seen anything like that here.
Thanks and hope I don't sound real stupid for asking[:I]
your friend,

28-08-05, 03:03
Hi Sandy

Have a look at this website http://www.bachfloweressences.co.uk/

It lists its products, whats in it and what they can be used for! Hope this helps

Helen x

28-08-05, 09:45
I bought some yesterday. I've an open mind on the facts but its worth trying at least.

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28-08-05, 10:32
It's called Bach's rescue remedy here and it comes in a little bottle that you can spray on your tongue or in a bottle where you can mix a few drops in a bottle of water. Ask a pharmacist if you can't find it. I'm sure you must be able to get it in the US. If not, let me know and I'll send you some if you want. :D

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28-08-05, 14:15
You can get it in most countries round the world.

The website for the USA is http://www.bachflower.com


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