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28-08-05, 18:38
Ever since my first attack, im afraid to leave the house with no medication. im scared as soon is i leave the house its going to happen again. I dont drive nomore, walk my dogs nomore, i dont do anything nomore, in fact i been indoors over two month now. if im out of medication i find stupid little excuses why i cant go any where. i cry myself to sleep every night cause i dont know what to do anymore.

P.S. im especially scared of going into a store, because thats where my first attack happend. What can i do?


28-08-05, 20:59

By allowing yourself to restrict your activities you have developed agoraphobia when you're afraid of being anywhere you can't return home from or escape from in a flash. The way out is to very slowly start going outside again and very gently expand your current boundaries.

CBT therapy can help

**im scared as soon is i leave the house its going to happen again**
Your panics may have started for several reasons from low blood sugar to being triggered by something. They have nothing to do with the shop itself, they are created by your nervous system in response to your thinking patterns.

First Steps to overcoming Panic and Anxiety (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=942)


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?

28-08-05, 21:30
hi Elizabeth and welcome -
I was housebound for a few years with the same fear. The what if's had me - you know the ones, what if I have an attack, what if I pass out, what if everyone thinks I'm crazy.
Anyway, I realized that I had to do something so I started by just going out in my yard. Kept myself busy doing anything I could to keep my mind off the panic. Then, gradually I started to go a little further. I had also stopped driving as I had my first attack driving. But I got in the car and went just down my own driveway and back and then down the street. I proved to myself that I could do it. Now I have a job again and (even tho it's still a little scary sometimes) I drive around town.
I know that panic is a scary thing but you can't let it control your life totally. Just try to take it slow and I know you will be able to get through it.
If you need to talk I will be around - feel free to PM me.

28-08-05, 21:52
hello Elizabeth,

I was exactly the same as you at the beginning. I stayed indoors for about 4 months. The problem is that the more you stay indoors, the harder it gets to ever leave again. The sooner you get used to going out and about, the better. The best thing to do is to start very slowly. Maybe start by sitting in the garden for a while and then walk to the corner and back. Slowly go further and further..

Sarah :D

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28-08-05, 23:56
Hi Elizabeth

I was exactly the same.

To the point where when I did leave the house I carried a rucksack full of emergency supplies - just incase.

You are caught in the circle of panic.

You have stopped doing things in fear of panic, and so you panic at the thought of doing these things, and so you stop doing things for fear of panic.

The only way forward is to break this circle.
It is not going to be easy and it is going to take time, hardwork and patience. I know because I have done it myself.

In the words of my CPN "things are not going to happen the way you think they are." "In order to cure the fear you have to face the fear."

Start off slow and easy.
Get used to standing at the front door.
Get used to standing at the bottom of the garden.
Get used to sitting in the car.

Eventually these things will become easier.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx
With hard work and determination and all the things you know.
The world is there for you to take. There's nowhere you can't go.

[:p]Scatty Eccentric & 'Poet Laureate to panic and anxiety'