View Full Version : Are you aged 50+ and have overcome Agoraphobia, Insomnia or OCD

20-05-09, 11:35
I am hoping you may be able to help provide case studies for a series of articles I am writing for Yours magazine. They are for our I Beat It section. We are looking to cover Agoraphobia, Insomnia and OCD.

The case studies would need to be women aged 50+ and they would have to have overcome their disorder.

Do you think you could put me in touch with anyone who is happy to talk about their experiences in the magazine? They would need to have their photo taken.

Of course, we would be more than happy to include details of your website in the copy.

Kind regards

Ellie Guttridge
News Writer
Yours magazine
01733 468080

Details as follows:

1) Are you looking for a male or female: Female

2) What age range: Age 50 +

3) Specific location (UK only/specific area or worldwide): UK only

4) How will interview be conducted: Telephone interview

5) Which specific illnesses/problems/phobias are you looking for: Three case studies Agoraphobia, Insomnia and OCD

6) Is a photograph needed and can this be sent by Email or has to be taken by you: We sometimes need to take our own photos but if a submitted photo is good enough we can use that. If we do take a photo, the photographer would go to you at a time to suit you and it would only take 20mins or so.

7) Is there any compensation (monetary or otherwise) for interviewees time: Unfortunately we are unable to pay for interviews.

8) Contact details (name/email/phone no): Ellie 01733 468080 ellie.guttridge@bauermedia.co.uk

9) Organisation details (radio/paper/magazine/TV station etc): Yours magazine www.yours.co.uk