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29-08-05, 17:48
I wonder if anyone on here can help, I take Kalms tablets for the anxiety which contains Valerian and hops and also a B vitamins as I read on here that it can help. Does anyone know whether it would be ok to take SJW for the depression as well, I did ask in the local Holland and Barrett if it would be ok but they didnt know and said I would just have to try it and see. I have taken SJW before and got on ok with it but I wasnt taking anything else at the time.

Sandra x

29-08-05, 19:47
hi Sandra,

I think that should be fine.

There is a bit on SJW on this forum (that I wrote myself so I really should know hahaha) where you can double check if you want.

Sarah :D

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29-08-05, 21:16
hi sandra,

i am taking kalms they are not to bad seem to be taking the edge off anxiety for me,,,

we have a really good health shop here called what comes naturally and the assistants in there are like councellors they give you so so much free advice ,,,

i have asked them the same question becuse with the onset of the dark nights i really feel as thou i need something to get me throu and they said there is absolutly no problems whatsoever taking the two together,,,


30-08-05, 17:18
Thanks for the replies. I have been taking the Kalms now for about 5 weeks and they have taken the edge of the anxiety for me, the thing they have definately helped with is the giddiness which I found very distressing. Sometimes I would be cooking a meal and holding on to the worktops all the time in case I fell over.


30-08-05, 18:07
I took SJW and valarian together. They did fine