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26-05-09, 21:00
A few weeks ago I was at my wits end, literally crawling up the wall. I experienced many of the feelings and symptoms that folks using this web site are used to. I found the web site a place of refuge. I had been on Fluoxatine and then to Clomipramine with some Propranpol (I get migraine too). I suffered all the dire side effects but 4 weeks later it is all getting better. BUT that is not all. I took advice from people using this web site and decided to get a book by Dr Claire Weekes on managing nerves. I have found this helpful and inspirational in getting my head sorted. I have downloaded some relaxation and chosen to ask for psychological help via my doctor. I may even do some hynotherapy. Because of this site, the medication and Dr Weekes's book I have the strength. It is so hard but once the light comes and the anxiety starts to recede the book will help you keep it there. Have a go, it has to be worth it.

26-05-09, 21:13
That is so good to hear and well done you on all you are achieving.

Dr Claire Weekes is no doubt one of the best and its so good that she has helped you in such a positive way, keep us updated on how you are getting on.

best wishes

di xx