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Lion King
27-05-09, 11:01
Only 4 sessions in and I am really enjoying it, I am starting to feel a whole lot better, I am bottoming out the stress, it turns out I am very guarded person and not very trusting with people which is where my anxiety appears to have come from. I have gone periods in my working life and socially where I have been let down by others that I have trusted so automatically I have closed off to people and not let anybody in, and it took a lot of work for me to get close to anyone. Since discovering this, it feels like a massive weight has been lifted as I have been searching for ages for the problem when it has been staring me in the face. Since the last session I have kept and open mind and relaxed around other people, I still get a bit of anxiety and tension but in time I am sure this will fade away.

I feel really good about myself at the moment, I am 10 weeks on Citalopram and I am greatful that I have been given releif from the anxiety, its like being given a second life but with a more open view of the world with less boundaries and rules.

Hope this gives some inspiration to other sufferers

Lion King

27-05-09, 11:17
CBT is good isn't it? Self-enlightenment is a powerful weapon in the war against our problems. I found it has helped me straight away, it is the right therapy for me.

Congratulations with your hard work, keep going and keep posting these encouraging results.

27-05-09, 11:58
I'm starting cbt this week. Am wondering what to expect?

27-05-09, 14:35
That's really encouraging. I am FINALLY going to have my cbt assessment on Friday afternoon (after 9 months waiting!!! :wacko:).

27-05-09, 20:18
WELL DONE LION KING! Keep going and don't let up on the strategies!

27-06-09, 01:18
hi i wonder if anyone can help me i need to find somewhere that will give cbt therapy for free,because the situation is i am involved in court proceedings and have been for some time fighting to get my daughter back but the judge wants to have the therapy amd the local authority but yet there not prepared to help me to pay for it if i went private,and im the waitin list for the nhs but that is not a option as is it not within my daughters timescale as it would ave to wait till next march to complete amd be seen by someone. i need to start this as soon as possilbe because if it is a positve report i have a good chance to move back into the family home with my daughter and partner as i have had to make a decision to put the relationship on hold for 15 weeks so he can care for our daughter while i do the therapy.i will reviewed after 3 months by the physcologist and if there has been an improvement i can move back into the family home. anyone give me advice or help please?