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31-08-05, 10:26
Hi all

After having accupuncture 2 weeks ago, which seemed to bring on my PA's, I am today going to a new accupuncturist, who says he can help.

I am a bit nervous cos of the bad experience fom last time, but I'm trying to stay positive about it all and praying to god that he can make some kind of a difference. Desperate to start my college course next week, so I'm keeping everything crossed that he can help, if only a little bit.

My appt is at 1.30, so I will post when I get back to let you know how I got on.

Thanks for reading!

Tash xx

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31-08-05, 10:50
Look forward to your update as I used a accupuncturist (3 attempts) and it also made me much worse,then i had to keep purchasing lots of herbal pills every two weeks from them.

Hope you get lucky this time!


31-08-05, 13:33
Hope its all gone well Tash .

31-08-05, 13:51
Hi Tash

Hope the acupuncture went well today.

I've been having acupuncture in conjuction with hypnotherapy and find it really helps to calm my anxiety. I can feel the anxiety reducing and by the time I've had the hypnosis following this, I am usually feeling so much more relaxed that I can fall asleep.

I hope you get some benefit from it today too.


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31-08-05, 14:19

Please can you check your email address in your profile as I am getting returned emails for you.


Hope it all goes well today for you.


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31-08-05, 20:33
Hope it went well Tash


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01-09-05, 19:10
Hi Tash, I'm Manager of an Acupuncture Clinic and one of the most important things we try to drill into our patients is stick with it - often a treatment can leave you a) tired (possibly enhancing your symptoms) and b) can "flush out" any symptoms, as it encourages the Qi to flow around your body - but what Acupuncture tries to do is to rebalance your body so that your symptoms actually go, and not just mask them as Western medicines will do, so commitment is a big issue, and will help your therapist to help you.

Is it Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, or another kind you are trying, by the way?

I hope it went well, anyway!


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