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31-05-09, 19:17

I had to go and have a head mri scan done today. I know its Sunday but my local hospital rang me on friday and asked if I would like to go and have one done 20 miles away or wait until the end of June. I opted for today.I have been having problems with my ears, fullness, tinitus, heart beat noises in ear so they sent me.

Anyway I have been really worried all weekend as I heard its claustrophobic-not sure if thats spelt right. It took 15 mins in all and they put a guard over my head and I had earphones to block out the noise. I got a bit panicky but they give you a button you can press if you want them to stop.
I did not have to stop it though-thank god.

It is very noisy even though you have earphones on. They speak to you to in there to check if you are o.k, I did tell them I was anxious before I went in. They kept telling me how long the seperate scans were which was good in a way as you knew how long the noises would last for as they come on when they are scanning. I had 3 seperste scans, 1 x 1 min, 1 x 2 mins and 1 x 4mins. They left the longest one till last-that was the worse one as I made a mistake of opening my eyes and felt a bit anxious but I just closed them again and told myself it would soon be over and it worked.

My one peice of advice is-close your eyes as you are going in and don't open them till you come out-that way you cannot see anything thats close to you if you know what I mean.

Anyway I thought I would share this with you in case you are going for one. I am the most anxious person when it comes to hospitals e.t.c, if I can do it anyone can.

I have to wait for the results now so will keep you all posted.If anyone want to pm me about the scan then feel free.


03-06-09, 07:24
I've also had one. Completely freaked out beforehand thinkng I couldn't take the close confinement. But it turned out to be completely fine! Firstly, the one at our local hospital is one of the new Siemens scanners which has an open back, so you don't feel really closed-in - all you have to do it look up and back and you see the room right there. Second, they let my husband stand at the end with his hand on my leg while I was in there. that helped a lot! Third, I got to bring my own music to listen to, so I found the most cheerful CD I could to bring with me. Lastly, the scan took about 20 min. - they first said 25-30 min. but it was less. The technician also told me that with each test, they tell you how long it will be (1 min. or 2.5 mins., whatever), but they usually tell you it's going to be shorter than it actually is since you can't tell time in there.

03-06-09, 13:17
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Well done both of you
:yesyes: :yesyes: :yesyes: :yesyes:

I have also had a head scan and like you i was terrified - I pulled out of the first one.
Made sure i found out ALL there was to know about it before the second and it was fine:yesyes:
I thought the noise was a bit like the final spin on the washing machine:blush: or a road drill (ha ha)
Best wishes

04-06-09, 06:35
Hi June

Thank you. It was a bit frightening but once I did it I was fine. It does sound like a washing machine going round.

What did you have yours for?


04-06-09, 14:07
My scan was for vertigo:blush:
The consultant said that he was not bothered about my giddiness that was being controlled by meds BUT he was more worried by my deafness:ohmy: I have had hearing loss since I was 10 - now i am over 60.
He said he had to be sure that i did not have a brain tumour- Well as you can imagine my panic shot through the roof.
As i said first time the put me in the scanner i had my eyes open and as they slid me in panic started and they had to get me straight out.
I went back 8 weeks later and had it done (20 mins :yesyes: )
4 weeks wait for results........ fine they say i have some water in the inner ear - but that is OK .... come back in 9 months for a check up.:ohmy:
I am glad to know that all is well but the fear waiting to have it done was shocking:blush:
Best wishes
PS i was not allowed ear phones the machine was too noisy they said.. also i was in an open scanner - (i was slid into a shelf) is the only way to describe it (ha ha)
Your advice on keeping your eyes closed is the most important point (well done) June

04-06-09, 16:41
Eeew Im due my neurology appointment on 19th june 2 weeks time and im terrified to say the least.
Im already feeling claustrophobic at the thought of going into that machine, but hopefully after reading this and talking to sharon it will be just the head and not the whole body which was totally freaking me out :scared15: so maybe it might not be so bad...(who am i kidding):)
Hope your results come back fine sharon..
Glad yours was ok too june

06-06-09, 19:50
Hi Both

Thank you, I hope so to, its just the waiting now.

You will be fine Lesley now you know what to expect.

Sharon xxx

08-06-09, 15:06
I was due for an MRI on the 26th of this month but the hospital just rang to say they have a cancellation tomorrow at 11:30. I said id take it as i really need to find out why im having a constant heartbeat whooshing in my right ear. Yes im terrified but apparently our hospital has the new bigger scan so we'll see:shrug:

08-06-09, 16:43

Thats exactly what I have, so let me know if you get the results.

Thank you


09-06-09, 14:45
Well ive had the scan and it wasnt THAT bad. It was really smart with lovely neon blue lights inside. I was quite nervous though so they gave me an eye mask to put on and ear plugs. They said to just pretend im on a sunbed but i cant even use one of them!:D It was quite noisy and the sounds changed a lot, my only complaint is that they should tell you when the next noise is coming cos i kept on jumping. My results will be back in 10 days but the nearest appointment i could get is 1st July :wacko:

09-06-09, 14:57
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Well done for going so quickly
all over first time
:yesyes: :yesyes: :yesyes: :yesyes:

I seem to be giving lots of praise for MRI's
See we are not as bad as we thought we CAN do these things:yesyes:
Best wishes

09-06-09, 15:05
Yes i kept telling myself us humans have an amazing why of coping with things and within half an hour it will be all over and i'll be home:D

13-06-10, 17:19
Hi Sharona,

I have the same "I have been having problems with my ears, fullness, tinitus, heart beat noises in ear" and my doctor said grommets would help, I have now had them in for 3 weeks now and still getting heart beat noises in ear?

I'm now wondering if I should pay for a head mri scan?

After reading that you are having one because of your ear problems it might do me good and to find out what's exactly wrong with my ears without my doctor guessing?

Would be good to know what your doctor says to you with me having exactly the same problem as you..