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03-09-05, 03:40
Hi guys, I was reading up some stuff online about aromatherapy and thinking of trying it. I wanted to know if any of you have tried it before and if it helped with fear, anxiety/panic attacks? If so, what oils did u use to help you. So far i have a list but different websites are saying different thing for different oils. Thanks.:)

03-09-05, 10:42
Lavender is the mainstay for anxiety. There is a page of natural remedies on our home pages

Aromatherapy can help relax you which in turn will help with your overall state of mind


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03-09-05, 10:55
I have lavendar burning as I find it the most relaxing. :D

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03-09-05, 19:38
Hi there,

I definately find burning aromatherapy oils help. Or a couple drops in a tissue to sniff and to have an aromatherpy massage is a nice treat as well.

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03-09-05, 22:29
i will copy and paste something about how to use oils.......
scrurrys off to find it.....

while i try and find it, i will add a warning while i send my slave to get it.
lol, dont use oils that are meant for burning for massage, they will burn and make you skin all horrible. go for ones with theAromatherapy Trade Council logo on them, they are the best and also you know you arent dogey oil.
most health shops have massage oils and even these should be used with a base oil.
always test a bit on your hand first because believe it or not some people are allergic to some oils, you should see what happends when i even take a sniff of lemongrass.

lavender oil, is good for calming, i would also say that burning oils or incence sticks can sometimes help you feel calm.
i can give anyone a list of the best ones to use if you want me to.

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