View Full Version : Zoloft and weight gain?

08-06-09, 18:03
Has anyone experienced huge weight gain with Zoloft? My psychologist said that I should not get this effect from Zoloft. He said that it is a more watch what I eat thing. However ever since I've been on Zoloft I've been bigger and watching what I eat only takes off a few pounds. Anyone else had similar effects?

Also is Zoloft for panic attacks or is it for depression? My old psychologist gave it to me for panic attacks. However now that I'm seeing a new psychiatrist he has put me on Lorazepam for my panic attacks and they have been getting better. I'm so confused. I may need to ask my psychiatrist but figured I would give her a shot first.

09-06-09, 15:14

I have been on zoloft for the last few weeks now thanks to my anxiety and panic hitting breaking highs.

I have not gained any weight and as a matter of fact i actually lost 14lbs the first two weeks due to the fact that the side effects I had were very bad..nauseau..increased panic..ect I phoned my doc on more than one occassion and told him that I didnt think this med was for me and he assurred me that the side effects would disapear and they have.

Ive noticed just like my doc told me, that the panic and anxiety levels are almost completely gone and I am feeling much better since starting zoloft..I wouldnt say 100% but at leats a good 90.

When my attacks first started back in 97 I was given prozac and that worked great, i was actually upset to find out that my doc now wanted me to use zoloft ..but it does work..

It actually (unlike prozac) helps treat anxiety..panic..ocd..and depression

Before and while first starting I needed to take xanax to help me "cope" and I have not needed any the past 4 weeks...(I do however keep a few for the "just in case I get really bad times")

Hope this helps a bit...and hope your feeling good:)