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27-03-09, 20:15
I have registered with Easy Fund Raising to raise some funds for No More Panic.

Here are the details:

We provide a FREE service where you can shop with your favourite online stores and at no extra cost raise funds for any charity, good cause or group you choose to support. You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but simply by using the links from our site first, each purchase you make will generate a cashback donation to the cause you wish to support.

For example, spend 25 with WH Smith and 3.5% will be donated. You will have raised 0.88, at no extra cost to your purchase. Make any purchase from Amazon and 2.5% will be donated. Insure your car with Direct Line and raise 35.00, or purchase a mobile phone from O2 and earn 17.50, and so on.

You can shop with 600+ Brand Name retailers and to raise funds you just use the links from our site first - it's that simple!

If you ALREADY shop online, why not help good causes at no extra cost from purchases you would make anyway.

Will I pay anything extra?

No. You pay the same prices exactly as if you visited each retailer's website directly. Using our service will not cost you a penny more than you would pay normally.

The link is:


If you remember then please use it and raise funds for us.

Thanks :yesyes:

27-03-09, 20:39
Thats an excellent idea Nic i do a lot of online shopping so will be glad to help hun.
Hope you get lots of support

27-03-09, 21:06
I have mentioned my diamante mouse to a few people on here well if you go vis the link Nic has set up and sign up and then go to the ' I want one of those' store it's on page 4 of the gifts for girls. We can all be bling blinging together LOL


PS great thing Nic

27-03-09, 21:16
My daughters school has this set up and its great as you don't pay any extra but a percentage goes to the charity.

Well done nic, i'll certainly shop from this.

di xx

27-03-09, 22:40
I shop loads online, seeing as I dont get out that much :wacko: so I will definitely use this. It is a really good idea! :yesyes:

31-03-09, 15:53
I've registered

31-03-09, 16:07
Thanks all and happy shopping.

I will update here with what money we make from it

Granny Primark
31-03-09, 17:32
What a fantastic idea.
me and my daughter shop online.

31-03-09, 18:56
That's a really good idea Nic hope you make lots of money.

Carol x

31-03-09, 19:19
Well i registered and ordered some stuff for my hols the other day friday 27th. The tops i ordered from m & co came today, that was really quick (they do nice quality soft t-shirts) and ive ordered from marks & sparks too...well every little bit helps.

26-11-10, 19:57
Just bumping up so anyone shopping online for Xmas may want to use this site to help NMP out.

You can use it for popular places like Amazon and even Ebay too.

28-11-10, 13:35
ive just joined, i do loads of shopping online, so happy to help out


Vanilla Sky
28-11-10, 13:51
I just joined too :D Shop , shop , shop lol xx

28-11-10, 16:25
Thanks Emms and Paige.

I just have to remember to use it before going to the internet site now lol

28-11-10, 22:34
im same Nic, charlies football team does similiar thing and i always forget x

magpie girl
07-12-10, 19:25
just registerd nic its a great idea im wondering how i never noticed this thread before!!!!!! i really do need new specs lol

02-01-12, 23:37
registered xx

eight days a week
02-01-12, 23:55
Brilliant idea Nic and I wish I'd seen this sooner too!

03-01-12, 00:08
I use it all the time lol

22-05-16, 13:09
good initiative!

25-05-16, 09:08
registered as well.

19-06-16, 11:07
I love it!