View Full Version : CBT - Still Waiting, But Starting Myself

11-06-09, 21:24
Well its been a year since i was 'reffered' for CBT, but low and behold i am still waiting a year later.....

but hey, i am starting it myself, i bout CBT for dummies and the workbook that goes with it. Im halfway thru the CBt for dummies book and have learned a few things which i am grateful to the book for, but i would rather have the CBT from the NHS as its from a trained person.

Spoke to my GP bout it last month and he said he would chase it up, i have still heard nothing.

Should i re-mention it when i go back for my citalopram assessment in 3 weeks?

25-06-09, 18:36
I think its worthwhile to keep pressing :)

I know what you mean, its so frustrating. I've been waiting over 9 months to get assessed and see if CBT is 'right' for me. Now I'm waiting again for some sessions to actually start :wacko: