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16-06-09, 15:09
I'm down to start CBT soon and was wondering how many people actually found it helpful, and if there is any recommended sites on the net for CBT. As i know a lot of people use this! :yesyes:

freudian nightmare
16-06-09, 15:22
I'm not having cbt but waiting for counselling at the moment, one site that i found on here and i think it is cbt is called live life to the full if you google it it should come up as i'm not sure of the exact web address. I hope your cbt goes well for you, let us know if you're finding it helpful. nan x

16-06-09, 15:25

16-06-09, 17:07
hiya, im on the waiting list for cbt aswell (2nd time) ,1st time felt it didnt really help, but with my doctor not doing anything else ive opted for cbt again after a year of the last one to see how it gos again as im desperate to get through my anxiety..hope all gos well for you x

16-06-09, 17:38

I am exactly the same - felt it didnt work for me the first time so going to ask the doctor again to get back on it..

Do let us know how you get on.


16-06-09, 23:55
Thanks does anyone know any recommened sites for cbt because i know you can do it online!?