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24-06-09, 22:45
how long did you have to wait from being referred by your gp's to the colonoscopy procedure roughly?

29-06-09, 15:42
Dear lonely has your GP referred you to a gastroenterologist? He will be the only person who will be able to give you a waiting time for your examination. I have had three colonoscopies and the last one included a gastroscopy at the same time. These were done privately. If you have already seen the gastroenterologist then ring his secretary to see what the waiting times are. My procedures were done as day surgery and the worst part was the bowel prep beforehand. I didn't feel any pain and I slept for for the rest of the day afterwards.

01-07-09, 23:55
They told me 4 months or something, then they gave me an appointment in the dim and distant future.

Then a week or so later I got a spontaneous phone call saying "Can you come in tomorrow?"

I think I preferred it that way because it was less time to stress about it!!

I didn't have any "prep" by the way. I'm not sure what depicts the amount or type of prep

02-07-09, 00:07
Moore - are you sure they did a colonoscopy with no prep? and not a sigmoidoscopy?

09-07-09, 18:11
there was a cancellation im in next friday :ohmy:

09-07-09, 19:45
That is good lonely. The worst thing for me was taking the laxatives. I had a really long sleep afterwards and felt no pain. I hope the colonoscopy goes well for you. Good luck.

02-08-09, 18:06
I've had one and was "dreading it" but wasn't that bad. I had a camera in my bladder a few months earlier and that was horrible!!!!!

10-08-09, 04:25
I just booked mine today, and the earliest they had was 7th September. I'm dreading it! Hope yours goes OK, you'll have to report back what it was like!